I coach female therapists to specialize in sexual trauma so they can skillfully & positively empower their female patients, while confidently growing their business!

“From treating everyone to being the go-to girl for all things related to sexual trauma.
Grow your business by adding a specialty!”

Thrive with Teresa

My name is Teresa and I am a Latinx Female Entrepreneur in Ventura, CA. My purpose here is to inspiring women to own their truth, heal their souls and thrive. ARE YOU A BOSS BABE? YES YOU! YOU HAVE THE CLINICAL SKILLS THAT MAKE YOU AN AMAZING THEARPIST. NOW LET ME HELP YOU BLOSSOM INTO THE IDEAL PRACTICE THAT YOU CRAVE AND DREAM OF HAVING TO TREAT YOUR DIAMOND CLIENT!

Do you feel that you have to see everyone? Scared about growing a niche? Feeling lost, overwhelmed or confused? I hear you. I feel you. I got you! I am your girl! You will not be alone in this process. Do you know how deserving and worthy of success, love and living a prosperous and beautiful life? I am living proof that you can come from the most difficult, traumatic situations, STRIVE and continue to THRIVE in life with beauty, passion, self-confidence, motivation and still be prosperous!

Let’s connect and discover ways I can support you in thriving, whether it’s personal, business or mental health. I am your girl! I am here to coach you through your process!

Doe this sound like you?

-Are you a female therapist treating everyone and have a passion to develop and grow a niche for working with sexual trauma survivors?
-You feel like you undercharge for your services.
-You are making under 5 figures a month.
-You are seeing a variety of clients, youth, adults, elder and couples.
-You see a population that makes you dread going to work or logging on for session.
-A mixed variety of clients reach out to you even though you say on your website how and who you work with
-You struggle with marketing your services.
-You feel overwhelmed and stressed out over figuring out how to specialize in sexual trauma.
-You wonder or are scared to specialize in one thing because you worry you won’t make a consistent income.
-You feel alone and not quite sure where to start.

You are a Queen! It’s simple. You have worked hard in school, pouring sweat and tears into your education and clinical practice. And yet, here you are, taking another step to seek guidance in reaching your personal goals. That’s what got you here! What already makes you different and unique from others out there, is your perseverance and dedication in seeking guidance to help achieve your goals. Meeting with me as your Empowerment Coach is a step towards your success! You have business goals, life goals, financial goals and personal goals, so let’s get moving! You my dear are a Queen! You are a Boss Babe! It’s time to show the world who you are!

Empowerment Coaching


Executive Coaching for Mental Health Professionals

1 on 1: $225/ 1-hour Session

Package 1:

Individual Coaching: Innovated 8-week Program for Mental Health Professionals!

For Mental Health Professionals ready and eager to build a cash pay private practice!

Price upon Consultation

Package 2:

Group Coaching: 10-week Group Coaching for Mental Health Professionals

For Mental Health Professionals ready and eager to build a cash pay private practice through peer support, networking and collaboration! BEGINS APRIL, 2021

Price upon Consultation

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