Services to Help you Thrive

Working with me includes different opportunities for you and I to determine the best path for your growth and how to achieve your goals. I provide the following types of services below:

Personal Coaching

You are a Queen and I know it! It’s simple. You have taken the step to seek guidance in reaching your personal goals. That’s what got you here! What already makes you different and unique from others out there, is your perseverance and dedication in seeking guidance to help achieve your goals. Meeting with me as your Personal Coach is a step towards your success! You have business goals, life goals, relationship goals, financial goals and personal goals, so let’s get moving! You my dear are a Queen! You are a Boss Babe! You are a Bad Ass Beauty! It’s time to show the world who you are!


That’s right! I own, run and operate TWO businesses. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. I am the proud owner and CEO of Irimiya Trauma Therapy, Inc. I am passionate about the work I do in therapy. I specialize in Trauma, Complex PTSD and Sexual Abuse. I am also an EMDR Trained Practitioner and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Unresolved trauma is my passion, so if trauma is coming up and affecting your ability to reach your goals, it’s time we talk and determine if therapy may be a better fit for you.


Combining my knowledge as a Therapist and a Personal Coach, allows me the privilege to teach other Therapists, Students, Trainees, Associates, Interns and the Community about different mental health topics. As an educator in the Mental Health field, I am able to provide Individuals with knowledge through E-courses, Webinars, Workshops, Non-clinical groups and Seminars. Education is the key to success. Educating and investing your time and money into learning more ways you can prosper, pay off in the end and you will learn to develop the skills, enhance your knowledge and flourish.

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