Meet Teresa!

Hello Ladies!

I’m Teresa and it is pleasure to have you look upon this site, seeking internal growth and inspiration to achieve your goals. A screenshot of my life is filled with bright shining colors representing the abundant amount of gratitude, hope, inspiration, love, compassion, prosperity and success I have. I hold this abundance close to my heart which shines through different avenues in my life and I look forward to sharing it with you.

For now, I’d like to share a little about me. I am from the Central Coast area and moved to Ventura County, CA in 1999. I have had a myriad of jobs in my life all leading up to my ultimate passion and goal of being a Psychotherapist and Personal Coach. My passion has always been helping others in ways that I needed help as a child and young adult. My heart pours out positivity, perseverance, determination and hope for others that don’t see that potential within them. That’s okay, because all you need is one person to believe in you and you can and will succeed.

I will be your coach, your team mate, your supporter, your inspiration and the one to keep you reaching your goal through encouragement and dedication.  I believe in people when they don’t believe in themselves. I see their value, their strengths and their hidden charms. I pull that out and shine it upon them so they can see their true potential. That’s who I am and what I love to do. I’d hope you allow me the honor to help you prosper in your life, because you deserve it!


Business Coaching

Empowering females to thrive through innovation! Self-Confidence often holds amazing and talented Bosses like yourself from reaching your full potential. I help female psychotherapists build a cash pay practice, making up to $10k a month, who struggle with mastering self-confidence. Yup, you read that correct, $10k a month!

How to start your Private Practice

Supporting female psychotherapists in developing the tools they need to create, build and run their EMPIRE. Future Boss Babes welcomed!


Personal & Business Coach

Thrive at Irimiya

I Love what I do, and I do what I love! Helping you develop awareness, self-confidence, empower positive emotions, thinking and beliefs. Guiding you to overcome the fear of succeeding, failing and making changes. Most importantly, supporting you in your process, discovering your passion and purpose!


Thrive at Irimiya

Combining my knowledge as a Therapist and a Personal Coach, allows me the privilege to teach other Therapists, Students, Trainees, Associates, Interns and the Community about different mental health topics. As an educator in the Mental Health field, I am able to provide Individuals with knowledge through E-courses, Webinars, Workshops and Seminars.


Irimiya Trauma Therapy, Inc.

Life is imperfect, full of unexpected outcomes and can be overwhelming. Through my own journey, I developed an essential passion in helping others process their own traumas and distinct pasts. Being vulnerable is extremely courageous and therapy can provide you with a safe place to process your past and gain internal healing.

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